AquaStar WT

Water treatment by means of flocculation - versatile and powerful

The AquaStar WT is a multifunctional sewer cleaning vehicle, which additionally contains an innovative clear water treatment system. The vehicle is based on the proven AquaStar concept and can be used as a conventional recycler, as a fresh water combi with a large water reservoir or as a chemical treatment unit.

Clear water treatment is provided by the addition of flocculating agents and is pre-filtered by the proven ROTOMAX recycling system. This reduces the volume of sludge contaminated with flocculating agents to a minimum. Thus, the majority of the material can be disposed as usual at a landfill.

Working process

  • Sucking into the sludge chamber
  • Pre-filtration with the ROTOMAX recycling system
  • Cyclonic separation
  • Addition of the flocculating agents
  • Settling of the sludge
  • Absorption of clean water
  • Automatic analysis of the water quality
  • Water return of treated water

The enhanced KAISERtronic control with demand-oriented speed control automatically adjusts the speed of the diesel engine of the truck chassis to the selected jetting and suction performance. This simplifies handling and reduces fuel consumption significantly. All relevant operating modes are visualized via a touchscreen on the control panel and a display on the radio remote control. 


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