Evolution of the technology leader

The new generation of the KAISER AquaStar yet again sets benchmarks in performance and efficiency. Key features are 55% more fresh water volume with a simultaneous increase in payload. In addition, the new KAISERtronic control system enables a significant reduction in fuel consumption and noise emissions. This is achieved by regulating engine speed in line with power requirements to ensure it is optimally tuned to the required cleaning capacity.

Innovative operating concept

All relevant operating statuses are visualised by modern graphics on the remote control and on the control panel. Jetting and vacuuming capacity can be set steplessly and independently of one another. Automated system processes ensure the vehicle can be made ready for deployment quickly and guarantee efficient and safe working.

When performance counts

Using our own core components such as high-pressure pump, vacuum pump and recycling system creates an optimally tuned system solution. In addition, available options like the tiltable divider door in the sludge tank or the ADR execution open up a versatile range of applications.

Also available as electric version

With the AquaStar EV - the world's first electric sewer cleaning vehicle with water recycling - we offer a solution to work future-oriented and reduce the ecological footprint.


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