Simple operation

The unit is very easy to use. Septic tanks are emptied in the same way as with a regular septic tanker and, thanks to the IQAN process control system, the dewatering process is activated by simply pressing a button when the septic tank is empty. A camera is installed in the system, which makes it easy for the user to control the process. This is done by adjusting two parameters with joysticks. The rest is handled automatically.

Process summary 

  •  The sludge is sucked up from the tank
  •  Intermediate storage in the vacuum tank
  •  Flocculants are added
  •  Dewatering is effected via a screw conveyor and strainer
  •  Storage of solid material and final dewatering
  •  The water is returned to the septic tank

The water is returned through the same hose used to suck up the sludge at the start of the process.


The typical configuration of a 3-axle vehicle comprises a 7 m³ vacuum compartment, a 6 m³ solids compartment and 2 m³ of jetting water. The volumes and size can be varied according to requirements and application. Roots compressors with a capacity of 1,500 m³ - 2,700 m³/h are used in the vacuum system. The high-pressure system uses 3 piston pumps or, alternatively, a KDU pressure transformer.

A wide range of options and accessories are available for KolDry vehicles, depending on the application and requirements.


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