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Mikrokombi Eur-Mark

The Mikrokombi is a fully-featured unit in miniature. It is designed for use in real-estate buildings, in car parks and in small, tight spaces. Its very short wheelbase and low height ensures accessibility to the tightest areas.


As a vacuum pump it mainly uses 900 to 1,500 m³/h Roots compressors with high pressure water pump either a KDU pressure transformer with 150 l/min at 170 bar or by 3-piston pumps.

The tanks are built as standard in stainless steel, and volumes can be varied to optimise the use and payload.


The Mikrokombi has the same thermal rating as the other vehicles of KAISER Eur-Mark.


A wide range of options are available.  


Liechtenstein, USA, Italy, Finland, Austria and Slovakia. What is the sense of 6 international locations and a network of 100 sales and service partners all around the world? Customer service and regional maintenance. 

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