MORO KAISER Components

MORO KAISER Components has a long time tradition in the technical consulting of accessories for sewer cleaning vehicles. The great experience in this field and the high quality components are important key factors for successful bodybuilder worldwide.

Suction boom and suction hose reel

Depending on the application, following types of suction booms and suction hose reels are available:

  • Balanced suction boom
  • 320° rotation boom
  • 360° rotation boom
  • 120° rotation hose reel
  • Rear 90° dumping hose reel

Jetting hose reel

For each the vehicle size and jetting perfomances, following hose reels are available:

  • Hydraulic driven and swiveling 3/4” or 1” hose reel
  • Hydraulic driven and manual swiveling 3/4” or 1” hose reel
  • Hydraulic driven 3/4” or 1” hose reel, fix mounted
  • Manual ½” hose reel 


A variety of perfectly matching and high quality accessories, available for each type of sewer cleaning vehicle:

  • Vacuum pump connections
  • Power take offs
  • Helical rotor pumps
  • Washing bar kits
  • Valves
  • Shut off valves and cyclones
  • Suction line components
  • Tank lock systems
  • Tilting systems




Liechtenstein, USA, Italy, Finland, Austria and Slovakia. What is the sense of 6 international locations and a network of 100 sales and service partners all around the world? Customer service and regional maintenance. 

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