Zero emissions and no compromises: The world’s first electric sewer cleaning vehicle with water recycling goes into production

Sewer cleaning operations are power- and energy-intensive, while at the same time offering significant potential for carbon reduction. In an exclusive partnership with electric truck manufacturer Designwerk, KAISER has jointly resolved the technical challenges. With the AquaStar EV, KAISER is now going into production with its first fully electric sewer cleaning vehicle.

Impressive performance is also a feature of the electric version. Anyone using the AquaStar EV can rely on KAISER’s usual high jetting and vacuuming capacity in combination with water recycling. “With our exclusive Swiss partner Designwerk, we’ve found an e-mobility expert who offers the right solution for our energy-intensive application,” says KAISER Group CTO Daniel Laubscher.

Constant high pumping power all day without recharging

The high-voltage AquaStar is equipped with a battery capacity of up to 508 kWh. That enables the vehicle to operate for up to 8 hours without having to recharge. Charging capacity is up to 350 kW. The battery takes roughly 1 h 20 min to reach full charge.

As in the case of the conventional AquaStar, users benefit from the same high pumping power with the electric version. Two high-performance electric power take-off drives ensure a jetting capacity of up to 300 liters per minute and suction power of up to 3,100 m3/h.

Maximum sustainability: high carbon and diesel savings

The electric drive has a significant impact on consumption and emission values, particularly for sewer cleaning vehicles that are deployed on a daily basis. On average, the KAISER AquaStar EV saves 21,000 liters of diesel a year. Depending on the energy mix, it reduces carbon emissions by up to 80% viewed over the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.

This makes the electric sewer cleaner an interesting option for private customers and local governments who are keen to equip their operations for the future, or who work in conurbations with restrictions on CO2 emissions. Thanks to water recycling and electric drive, the KAISER AquaStar EV consumes almost no resources. “Sustainability plays a major role for our products. We are particularly proud of also being innovation driver and technology leader in the EV sector,” says Daniel Laubscher.

On show at RO-KA-TECH and Suisse Public

Prospects will have the chance to experience the AquaStar EV live at RO-KA-TECH in Kassel from May 9-12, 2023 and at Suisse Public in Bern from June 6-9, 2023.



KAISER AG based in Liechtenstein is the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicles for sewer cleaning and industrial disposal as well as mobile walking excavators. Its products are deployed on five continents, in 116 countries and well over 1,000 cities.

Worldwide, KAISER employs around 700 people at its sites in Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, France, Finland, Slovakia, the USA, and Australia.

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